Here, some traditional art.

THE THEORISTS sit on a platonic solid, discussing their elaborate models while reality is having something else in mind
ADVERTISING. The Ad Man hides behind his mask, anonymously attacking through his marketing channel. Our senses too naked, our hands too short.
UNEQUAL. Monopolies. Cumulative Advantages. Inequality Gap. Extremistan vs Mediocristan. Winner Take All.

ILLUSION of NARRATIVE. Mr. New Yorker is always looking for patterns. He is a tailor for overly fitted stories.Changing perspectives would cause enlightenment and get him fired. He is close friends with the Ad Man.
FRAGMENTATION. Beauty walks a razors edge
EXPLOITATION. Why stop with gestation crates and mass slaughter? Let’s use biotechnology to not only torture but actively humiliate fellow sentient beings. Teapot camels are a solid business
SOCIAL MEDIA. A machinery sheds light on the pathetic birds, their image distorted by the platform. 15 minutes of fame and back to the attention battery where eyeball energy feeds back into the distortion engine. Irony isn't allowed in the building.


An old iPhone5 and a 6$ tripod

SECLUSION. 30 days in Prague to learn drawing
INDUCTION. Did a semester of Electrical Engineering and Painting at Stanford. It's a somewhat fragmented, confusing and weird piece, but here it is. I was very lazy shooting scenes, but wanted to publish anyways.