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🎤 Jessica Flack: Collective Computation

Here’s my raw, somewhat structured notes from a conversation Jessica Flack had with Jim Rutt on his podcast.I felt it was extremely lucid - same as Eric Smith’s appearance on the show. Everything below is quotes, some modified, from Jessica: my expertise in this subject is not

🎤 Eric Smith: Origins of Life

Here’s my raw, copy-pasted outtakes from a segment of the conversation Eric Smith had with Jim Rutt on Jim’s podcast.I felt it was extremely lucid - same as Jessica Flack’s appearance on the show. It put the book The Origin and Nature of Life on Earth

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Since our current search engines are increasingly unable to uncover great thinking, we’re back to trading curated lists. Here’s my incomplete and running list of good writing and ideas. Send me your recommendations. EssaysWhat I can remember from the last few monthsProtocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to